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eProspecting FAQ's
Don't most people already receive too much "junk" email?
Yes, they do! The key is not to send junk, but meaningful information that helps fill a need or solve a problem and then to direct that information to specific prospects and clients who might want to do business with you.
Isn't sending bulk email spamming?
No, absolutely not! Spam is mass, unsolicited email where the sender goes to great lengths to hide his or her identity. EMC Plus is "permission-based" email, where the prospect has requested that you send information. It's the opposite of spam, and so effective a sales tool that virtually all of the Fortune 500 are now using it to reach their customers.
OK, so how do I get email addresses of people who want this information?
Simply ask! Most people feel more comfortable giving you their email address than they do their phone number. A great technique is to offer to mail them useful information. They will provide their address in exchange for the information.
Sounds easy enough, but what about getting email addresses from Expired Listings and FSBOs?
During the initial contact, ask the owner if he/she would be interested in receiving information via email that could help sell their home or direct them to your web site and have them sign in to receive the information. Either way, they'll need to provide an email address to obtain the information.
How do I get email addresses from a geographic farm?
The same techniques that work for other classes of prospects work with a geographic farm. Other techniques include offering to enter them in a drawing for a prize if they register on your web site, walking the neighborhood and asking them if they'd like to be placed on your neighborhood newsletter email list and so on.
Is there a limit on the number of messages I send?
No, there is no limit. You can send the same message to one or a thousand prospects.
Is there a limit to the number of clients I can enter into the system?
Yes, you are limited to 1,000 clients.
Can I purchase a mailing list and send messages to thousands of clients?
Yes, you can purchase third party lists and use them as the basis of your mailings, but only if the mailing list is a permission-based list. eProspecting cannot allow spamming through the EMC Plus system and will have to terminate the account of anyone who sends unsolicited email.